5 Design Principles of Hathorway

Design Principles of Sustainable Fashion Accessories

As a woman-owned, sustainable fashion accessories brand that gives back, the focus of Hathorway is quality, sustainability, and women empowerment. We’ve learned a lot from the past six months of prototyping and receiving feedback from our customers and advocates; and we’ll continue to iterate and progress to become impeccable. To become impeccable, we needed a set of design principles to guide us as we design all of our items. While, some of these were inspired by the 10 design principles of the German industrial designer, Dieter Ram that I learned about while in I was design schools, the others were inspired by what it takes to become an ethical and sustainable brands.

At Hathorway, we aim for:

Aesthetically timeless

While fashionable designs can be trendy, especially in a particular season, it can be easily be antiquated and outdated as time passes.  At Hathorway, we believe good design is aesthetically timeless to stand the test of time. We believe aesthetically timeless designs are minimalistic and simple so that it has no expiration date.

Long-lasting Quality

In today’s fashion fashion and throwaway society, a lot of items are created to be worn a few times. We aim for the opposite because we believe good design has long-lasting quality so that it can worn throughout throughout the years. We believe long-lasting quality is the sustainable approach so that more items won’t land in and fill up our landfills.

Comfortable & Versatile

In today’s fast product producing society, a lot of fashion accessories are created with not much thought and care to the consumers and wearer. At Hathorway, we believe good design shows respect to the wearer through comfort and versatility. We believe when fashion accessories are comfortable and versatile, people can feel at ease to wear it many time at different events and in different ways.

Ethically Created

Not only do we show respect to the wearer, we show respect to the creator and maker through fair-trade. At Hathorway, we believe good design is ethically created. We work with suppliers that treats their makers with care with fair wages and in safe working environments. We believe good products comes from makers, artisans, and craftsmen who are empowered and supported.

Environmentally friendly

With a lot of large factories located around the world to satisfy the demands of fast fashion, they are harming our beautiful planet with pollution and toxins. At Hathorway, we believe good design is mindful about the environmental impact and contributes to the preservation of our environment. We believe good design is environmentally friendly throughout the lifecycle of the product

With our design principles, we hope to create timeless, yet impeccably jewelry and accessories made of conscious materials with an environmentally conscious process. We also hope that you, as the consumer, will continue to use these principles for every item that you purchase -- from your clothings, your shoes, your home decor, furnishing, and more.

Start being an advocate for sustainable fashion and building your conscious jewelry collection withour items. And if you have any questions or want to continue to talk about building your conscious jewelry collection, don’t hesitate to email me at jessica@hathorway.com

Radiate Beauty Inside and Out,

Jessica Phan - CEO and Creative of Hathorway

Jessica Phan

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