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We are just another ethical fashion brand

We believe everything matters.


Great Product Matters

In today’s world, there is an endless amount of things that we can buy. Many are ordinarily massed produced and aren't built to last. At Hathorway, we put meticulous thought into our designs and materials that we used. We strive for quality, uniqueness, and authenticity. We want to make sure that our horn jewelry can endure the test of time both in style and quality.

Empowered People Matters

In order to make a positive impact in society, we need to focus on our people, especially those disempowered and in need. These are the people who would one day share their powerful stories to inspire and guide many others. 10% of all profit is donated toΒ initiatives and organizations that empowers women. See who we’ve donated to.

A Healthy Planet Matters

Fast fashion harms our beautiful world, many ends up in the landfills with dyes and chemicals contaminating our waters and our soil. Because our planet matters, we run small batch production. Because our planet matters, we create high-quality items that are built to last. And because our planet matters,Β weΒ use natural, sustainable and repurposed materials.

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Meet Jessica Phan, Creative & Creator

In March 2016, Hathorway started as a hobby by design generalist, Jessica Phan. By day, she led the design team as Head of Design for a tech startup in Palo Alto; and by night and weekends, she would make earrings and necklaces to sell to her friends and family.

After reflecting on her year at the end of 2017, Jessica found herself to be unsatisfied with her career in tech. She wanted to make things people will love, she wanted to make things that could make a difference, and she wanted to expand her world and meet new people.Β And so, she left her comfortable career in tech February 2018 to pursue her childhood dream in fashion by running Hathorway full-time.

Jessica Phan, Founder of Hathorway, Sustainable Jewelry

β€œI'm building out Hathorway to bring me a step closer to my childhood dream. As well, I want to build another ethical fashion brand that empowers women.Β There's just not enough of them. I want to give back and support my sisters in need by donating a portion of every purchase.”

Today, she runs Hathorway from her home office in Redwood City, California, doing everything from design, product development, marketing, and e-commerce experiences. With her background in graphic design, many of her inspiration comes from the clean lines and an edgy silhouette of geometric shapes - designed for the modern metropolitan woman.

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So, Why Horns?

Years ago, Jessica visited her parents’ homeland in Vietnam and was captivated by handmade buffalo horn everything - from combs, to spoons, sauce dishes to jewelry. All of it carried a beautiful pattern and weight that Jessica fell in love with. Jessica selected horns as the primary material at hathorway because it represents:



Back in ancient times, hunters would wear the horns of the creature they hunted. It acted as a trophy which would bring them luck for their next hunt. It also became a symbolism for courage that them respect in their village. Though we do not hunt the animals we wear today, our horn jewelry gives us, women, an edgy impression that reminds us us to not only look courageous but also, be courageous in our everyday lives.


Ethically-sourced, our horns are a byproduct of the food industry, providing families with hearty meals. Meanwhile, the skin is repurposed as leather and horns and bones are repurposed for jewelry and accessories. Nothing of the buffalo goes to waste. As well, because these horns are organic and is created without any chemicals, our horn jewelry are 100% eco-friendly and sustainable for our planet.


Organic and genuine, each horn charm possesses its own unique, gorgeous colors, and patterns -- some horns in vanilla-colored tones with caramel-colored flecks, and some horns in honey-colored tones with a various levels of translucency. They will never look 100% identical to one another. Because our jewelry are all unique and beautiful in its own imperfect way, it is a reminder for us to embrace our very own individuality and uniqueness as well as each others.


β€œI bought the necklace as a gift and the person loved it so much, she put it on right away. A gorgeous product, great service and super fast delivery!”

Susan Hurdle


β€œI absolutely love this bracelet and how it goes with anything I wear! Jessica is also a sweetheart. She works very well with her customers and makes sure they receive the best product possible.”

Agnes Fernandez


β€œAll the pieces I purchased are beautiful and more beautiful in person than the photos. I cannot wait to dazzle people with my Hathorway jewelry.”

Irene Won

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