As a brand focused on mindful consumerism and conscious fashion, we sweat every little details. We believe everything matters and this is our manifesto, our philosophy, our ethos.


The wearer matters

We believe good design respects the wearer by offering practical, comfortable, and versatile pieces. We believe in giving our wearers the confidence and the enjoyment so they look good and feel good.

The designs matter

We believe good design respects the design itself. We build for long-lasting quality and timeless aesthetics. When we respect the design, we’re creating items that are not just trendy — they have a longer, sustainable lifespan that doesn’t easily end up in the landfill.

The maker matter

We believe good design respects the makers and artisans through fair trade. We work with suppliers who treat their makers with care, with fair wages and safe working environments. We believe great products come from empowered and supported people.

The earth matter

We believe good design respects our earth by being mindful about the environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle. We thoughtfully select materials and pursue processes that contribute to the preservation of our environment.


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