At Hathorway, great product matters. We put meticulous thought into our designs and materials to ensure quality that is built to last, and uniqueness that showcases craft & authenticity. Ultimately, every detail matters and every material has its story.

Natural Materials

Rather than using toxic materials made of plastic, resin, and acrylic to create jewelry and accessories, Hathorway uses natural materials that Mother Earth has given us. Seeking inspiration from the way things were centuries ago and from indigenous villages today, Hathorway uses natural materials to evangelize a more sustainable solution in fashion. And because of its natural state, every item will have its own character and personality -- carrying it’s own unique variation in colors and patterns. Learn about our natural materials below...

sustainable fashion accessories made of buffalo horns

Buffalo Horns

Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam

Advocating for zero-waste, Hathorway ethically-source buffalo horns that are discarded from the food industry & deadstock in Vietnam. Buffalo horns has been used for many years in Southeast Asia to make cups, utensils, and tools for eastern medicine practices. This ensure nothing of the buffalo is wasted. Today, it can be upcycled into jewelry and accessories due to its exquisite colors and patterns. Learn more about horns.

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sustainable fashion accessories with genuine ox leather

Ox Leather

Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam

For several of our handbags with straps, we use genuine leather - a more environmentally conscious material compared with synthetic materials like faux and vegan leather which uses a knitted polyester base. Our leather are from oxen -- a byproduct from the food sector from Chuong My Village in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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conscious jewelry made of natural straw, rattan, and wicker


Origin: Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Similar to the strength and durability of bamboo, rattan has been used for many years to make baskets and trays throughout Southeast Asia. At Hathorway, our rattan is planted, harvested, sorted, dried and beautifully handwoven by artisans in the province of Nam Dinh, Vietnam.

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eco-friendly fashion accessories brand made with 100% mulberry silk

Mulberry Silk

Origin: Ayutthaya, Thailand

For a few of our jewelry & accessories, we use silk from Ayutthaya, Thailand. These silk are beautifully produced silkworms that feast on leaves of mulberry trees, then spins its cocoon by secreting strand of silk filament that could be as as long as 1,500 feet

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While our ultimate goal is to use repurposed metals for our jewelry and accessories for a more for a more sustainable approach in fashion accessories, we still have yet to discover how to make this. In the meantime, we are using the following metals that are high-quality, affordable, and hypoallergenic:

sustainable earrings with high-quality brass

16K Gold-Plated Brass

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

For most of our jewelry and accessories, we use 16K gold-plated, nickel-free brass, which are plated with 3 microns of real, high-quality gold.  Our raw brass are created in Seoul, South Korea, then plated in gold in Incheon, South Korea.

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sustainable stud earrings with nickel-free stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

For earring design using posts and earring studs, we use stainless steel from Seoul, South Korea. Our stainless steel are nickel-free and free of any alloys that causes allergic reactions. As well, it is a highly durable metal that does not rust or tarnish.

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beautiful ethical fashion accessories with sterling silver

Sterling Silver

Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

For a few of our horn jewelry designs, we offer earrings and necklaces made with sterling silver from Bangkok, Thailand. Our sterling silver are nickel free and made of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% consists of copper to ensure durability.

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