Hathorway Horn Jewelry - Behind the Name

At Hathorway, we offer exquisite, bold, handmade jewelry and accessories. Initially all of our products are crafted using natural horns and bones of water buffaloes by talented artisans and craftsmen in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

These domestic water buffaloes serve families in many ways in Vietnam. They provide milk as a source of calcium for the family and are used for agricultural purposes where neither humans nor machines could easily maneuver through the deep, muddy fields.

When these big creatures die, nothing goes to waste and every parts of the buffalo is repurposed. The water buffaloes provide families with meat for hearty Vietnamese dishes, beautiful leather for luxurious handbags and jackets, and the discarded horns and bones are reused to create elegant jewelry and accessories. Because the bones and horns are repurposed, the buffaloes are never harvested just for their horns. 

With buffalo horns being the key material to all of our jewelry and accessories, we knew we wanted a brand name that could express that. From buffaloes, we thought of cows. From cows, we thought of bulls. From bulls, we thought of Taurus, the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. Taurus is known for being reliable, practical, ambitious, and have a great eye for beauty. And with a bit more research, we discovered Hathor.

Hathor of Egypt

Image of Hathor from Wikipedia

Hathor represented the Taurus in Ancient Egypt. She is the cow goddess who represents love and beauty like Venus of Rome mythology and Aphrodite of Greek mythology. Hathor was perfect for our brand because of what she symbolized. She was also iconic for her headdress, which was made of our favorite material — cow horns.

Love, beauty, horns. We wanted to follow Hathor's ways, thus we called our brand — Hathorway.

Amplify beauty — inside & out,

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