How are buffalo horn jewelry & accessories made?

Once a water buffalo dies, their horns are repurposed to make organic earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other unique jewelry. Many would ask us, “how is it made?” Because we want to make it our goal to be transparent, we'll let you take a look into this fascinating process...

1) Our horn pieces are created in Vietnam, where the large tubular horns are first cut in half.

2) The horns are then boiled in hot oil in order for the material to soften up.
Horn Jewelry Making Process

3) After horn is soften, it is ready to be pressed into thin plates.
Horn Jewelry Making Process

4) With these thin plates of buffalo horns, the craftsman traces the design unto the horn.
Horn Jewelry Making Process

5. The horns are cut into various pieces.Horn Jewelry Making Process

6. Depending on the jewelry design, various details and embellishments are added to each piece. The pieces are then polished to create a glossy finish.
Horn Jewelry Making Process

7. At Hathorway, we purchase the horn beads and have them shipped to California, where we assemble them ourselves to ensure quality and craft. Check out our other buffalo horn jewelry & accessories

Horn Jewelry Earrings

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All Images by Dan Viet


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