We believe everything matters

As an accessories brand focused on mindful consumerism and conscious fashion, we have a set of principles that continues to guide us in our designs and process.


The wearer matters

We believe good design respects to the wear by being practical, comfortable, and versatile. When we respect the wearer, we are giving people the confidence and the enjoyment to wear the item multiple time during different events and in different ways.


The designs matters

We believe good design respects to the design itself by building it for long-lasting quality and timeless aesthetics. When we respect the design, we're creating designs that isn't trendy, but has a longer lifespan so that it doesn't easily end up in the landfills.


The makers matters

We believe good design respects the makers and artisans through fair-trade. We work with suppliers that treats their makers with care, with fair wages, in safe working environments because we believe good products comes from empowered and supported people.


The earth matters

We believe good design respects the earth by being mindful about the environmental impact throughout the product's lifecycle. We thoughtfully select materials and pursue in creation process that contributes to the preservation of our environment.

Meet Jessica Phan, the Creator & Creative



In March 2016, Hathorway started as a hobby by design generalist, Jessica Phan. By day, she led the design team as Head of Design for a tech startup in Palo Alto; and by night and weekends, she would make earrings and necklaces to sell to her friends and family.

After reflecting on her year at the end of 2017, Jessica found herself to be unsatisfied with her career in tech. She wanted to make things people will love, she wanted to make things that could make a difference, and she wanted to expand her world and meet new people. And so, she left her comfortable career in tech February 2018 to pursue her childhood dream in fashion by running Hathorway full-time.

Today, she runs Hathorway from her home office in Redwood City, California, doing everything from design, product development, marketing, and e-commerce experiences. With her background in graphic design, many of her inspiration comes from the clean lines and an edgy silhouette of geometric shapes - designed for the modern metropolitan woman.

Jessica Phan, Founder of Hathorway, Sustainable Jewelry