Buffalo Horn Craft Village in Vietnam

Just outside of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, resides several villages historically known for their artisanal crafts. One village in particular, Thuy Ung, has been known for making handcrafted goods from horns for over 400 years. As you walk down the road and peek through the houses, there are piles of horn tubes in the front yards waiting to be turned into salad forks, spoons, bowls, combs, and jewelry. These horn tubes are not only from buffaloes in Vietnam, but are also imported from Laos, Cambodia, and various countries in Africa.

Hathorway has proudly teamed up with one artisan family from Thuy Ung to create our very own horn jewelry. The family works from the comfort of their own home, which gives them the flexibility to manage their own time and activities, such as raising kids, cooking dinner, and managing household errands. When the family gets busy, they can easily call for help to other artisans in their village.

Take a closer look into the Horn Craft Village.