Why Wear Buffalo Horn Jewelry & Accessories?

At Hathorway, we selected horn as our primary material to create our jewelry and accessories, because of what it represents to us. It represents:

  • Courage
  • Consciousness
  • Individuality


Back in ancient times, hunters would wear the horns, the bones, the teeth of the creature they hunted. It acted as a trophy which could bring them luck for their next hunt. These horn jewelry became a symbolism for courage and prowess that gave these hunters respect in their village.

Though we do not hunt the animals we wear today, our horn jewelry gives us, women, an edgy impression that reminds us us to not only look courageous but also, be courageous in our everyday lives. 


Today, our horns are not from hunted creatures, but from repurposed horns of buffalos from Vietnam. These horns are a byproduct of the food industry, providing families with hearty meals like phở bò (beef noodle soup)  and bò kho (beef stew). Meanwhile, their skin is repurposed as leather to make beautiful handbags, wallets, and belts; and their horns and bones are repurposed for jewelry and accessories. Using heat and oil, the horns are sculpted and cut into various shapes with various patterns by craftsman in Vietnam to create earthy-chic jewelry and accessories.

At Hathorway, we’ll find ways to creatively reuse and repurpose materials from our packaging and product so that we aren’t wasteful. We believe it’s important to be conscious, because our planet matters for future generations to come.


Besides being eco-friendly and naturally sustainable, each horn charm will possess its own gorgeous colors, textures and patterns -- some horns in vanilla-colored tones with caramel-colored flecks, and some horns in honey-colored tones with a various levels of translucency, and even lustrous black stone-colored with white chocolate-colored flecks.

Our horn jewelry will be sisters in terms of their style; but will never look 100% identical to the photography. Because our jewelry are all unique and beautiful in its own imperfect way, it is a reminder for us to embrace our very own, as well as each other’s,  individuality and uniqueness. From own our looks, talents, personality, values; we’re all different, yet beloved in our own ways. #embraceindividuality

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