Hathorway puts meticulous thought into designs and materials to ensure quality is built to last, and uniqueness that showcases craft & authenticity. Our primary material is ethically-sourced buffalo horn. Let us tell you why we love this material...


Byproducts of Waste

An advocate for zero waste, Hathorway selects only ethically sourced buffalo horns that are discarded from the food industry and dead stock from the agricultural industry in Vietnam. As a sign of respect to the buffalo, nothing is wasted; every part of the buffalo is used.

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No chemicals are used and no products are made with a process that pollutes our environment. Using only heat and oil — a Vietnamese craftsmanship that dates back 400 years — the horns are flattened into plates, then cut and polished using water.

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As an eco-friendly material with high-mineral nitrogen, all our excess horn shavings are produced during the creation of our pieces and are used as soil fertilizer for the rice fields in Vietnam. This provides rice crops to feed people and other buffaloes in Vietnam.

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Every horn piece is one-of-a-kind. Each possesses its own exquisite colors and patterns from various shades of lustrous milk, caramel, and charcoal colors in several levels of lucency.