4 ways this horn jewelry company celebrates Earth Day everyday

Girl with Hathorway Horn & Rattan Earrings in Fields

Every year on April 22 since 1970, the earth is celebrated and honored. Many events are held to demonstrate support for the protection on our beloved Earth on this special day called Earth Day.

To really honor the Earth, we must cherish it everyday. It's not something that we should do once a year, but continuously and habitually. At Hathorway, we're building an ethical and sustainable brand that offers jewelry & accessories that is both eco-friendly and luxe. We believe that luxury comes from mother earth and from taking care of her. And for us, Earth Day is everyday. 

Some of the ways we celebrate our everyday Earth Day is simply by making conscious and thoughtful decisions. For example, we...


Use repurposed horns for our jewelry & accessories

Sustainable jewelry brand uses buffalo horns as their primary material

At Hathorway, we selected horn as our primary material to create our jewelry and accessories because it is organic and eco-friendly. It is a byproduct of the food industry, providing families with hearty meals. Meanwhile, the skin is repurposed as leather and horns and bones are repurposed for jewelry and accessories. Nothing of the buffalo goes to waste. The other interesting this is that horns, like our fingernails, are compostable. As a matter of fact, after the horn pieces are cut to make horn earrings, horn necklaces and more - there are plenty of horn dusts and horn powder that are used as efficient fertilizer for farms, which not only provides vegetables for people but meals for other buffalos.


Use seed paper for our horn jewelry holder & business cards

Sustainable jewelry brand uses seed paper for horn jewelry packaging

Over the months, I've been researching different materials to finalize the packaging of our products and print materials. While traveling in Vietnam, I discovered a beautiful handcraft paper called "Dó" through a cute little stationary shop called  Zo Project.  This paper dates back to the 13th century for many folk paintings and uses the fiber and pulp of a highly cellulose tree in Vietnam that can last up to 800 years. While I love the idea of using natural resources for the brand, I thought there has to be something that doesn't lasts that long because people usually throws their packaging away. And then I discovered seed paper; and I knew this is what our horn jewelry should be packaged in. From our earring holders to our business cards, we use wildflower seed paper. So instead of throwing these away, simply soak it in water overnight, plant it in the ground or pot, give it direct sunlight and water daily. And something will start to sprout.


Reuse other packaging materials for our own packaging 

Sustainable jewelry brand reuses packaging materials for their horn jewelry

One of my friends sells headlight bulbs for cars on eBay and Amazon. When his shipment of bulbs come it from Asia, they are packaged in little white boxes, which he then unpacks and repackages to protect it better. He is then left with a lot of unused white boxes. Instead of throwing them away or recycling them, he gives it to me to reuse for Hathorway, specifically our shipping boxes. At the end of the day, we're reducing wastes and saving money at the same time.


Reuse fabric from unwanted clothing for our linings

Sustainable fashion brands uses fabric from unwanted clothing

Today, our earth is paying a huge cost for fast fashion. While retailers are coming out with new items, new trends at low prices regularly, it causes tremendous pollution, shoddy workmanship, poor working conditions, and a lot of the items ends up at the landfills and releasing a lot of toxins. At Hathorway, we have no control of those retailers, however we can discourage it. At the end of May 2018, one of the items that we are releasing is an adorable handwoven rattan bag. For the lining on these bags, instead of using new fabric, we'll be using fabric from unwanted clothing. Instead of encouraging piles of clothing to end up in the landfill and the toxins to contaminate our Earth, we wanted to make use of what we already have and reuse it creativity. Stay tuned for this bag, as we are also excited to add this to our horn accessory collection.

    To celebrate the earth and not just on Earth Day, try one of these actions in your everyday life. 

    And as always you can support the Earth, by supporting ethical and conscious brands like Hathorway Horn Jewelry. Browse our horn jewelry & accessories.

    Radiate Beauty Inside and Out,

    Jessica Phan

    Jessica Phan

    Main photo by Maria Angeloupoulou of MS Photo & Video with model Shannon McGrath with Hathorway Nam Dinh 16K Gold Plated Hook Rattan & Buffalo Horns Earrings and makeup by Krystal Nguyen.

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