Hathorway partners with Sustainable Project SF

Sustainable Project SF + Hathorway Horn Jewelry

Last week, Hathorway partnered with Sustainable Project SF for their launch party on May 3rd, 2018 in San Francisco. The Sustainable Project is a new organization with the mission to educate a new lifestyle movement about the environmental impacts of the fashion, beauty, and home industries.

Founded by Stephanie Stimmler of Venita Stylist, Cassandra McClure of Beauty by Cassandra McClure and Mayela Solis of Cosentino, I admired these ladies and their passion to inspired the community about a sustainable lifestyle.

Though they were a new movement, they have already partnered with some prestige brands such as...

I knew I wanted Hathorway to be a part of it because this is what Hathorway is all about - it's about a sustainable movement through the jewelry and accessories we create, buy and wear. And so I connected with the Sustainable Project team on Instagram and they were just as excited as I was to collaborate together.

The first 50 attendees to arrive to the launch party were to receive an gift bag that were filled with goodies. One of the goodies were my earrings made with repurposed horns and 16K gold plated brass on a wildflower seed paper, wrapped with 100% natural jute ribbon. It was a lot of earrings to giveaway, however I'm happy that it was for a great cause, an inspirational team, and it helped get Hathorway's name out there.

The event was filled with fashionistas, entrepreneurs, and other creatives; as well with decadent sweets and pastries. I was in love! While I indulged in my passionfruit hazelnut tart, the founders talked about being sustainable in fashion & beauty and home & living - even in food & cooking. In short, sustainability is all about being mindful and aware about the impact of the entire cycle of the things you consume, wear, use and buy.

And that is exactly what Hathorway is trying to do with the entire brand -- from how it's made, what's it made from, what is the impact of the materials we use, how is it packed, and many more. These are the types of questions I ask myself everyday while I am making design decisions for this ethical and conscious brand, but these are also the same questions consumers everyday.

Go ahead, browse our horn jewelry & accessories, and ask me a question about anything. Shoot me over your questions at jessica@hathorway.com.


Radiate Beauty Inside and Out,

Jessica Phan

Jessica Phan

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