The Creative Process for Designing Horn Jewelry

When it comes to the designing horn jewelry, the idea and execution doesn't happen magically. Though I wish it did, it doesn't; there is a whole process to it. I gather inspiration, hone in on concepts, sketch, assemble, tinker, iterate, refine. Most of the time, I bounce around and/or skip a step or two.

Let's take a look into one design process for the latest horn earrings that made it in the shop.

Seek inspiration

I start gathering inspirations on Google and Pinterest around various fashion styles, culture, historical figures and various eras. And with all these ideas, I hone in on concepts -- create mood boards, create color palettes, write descriptions about who she (the wearer / the persona) is and jot down key elements she would wear in her time and place.

    Hathorway Horn & Boho Jewelry Moodboard | The Design Process

    Generate ideas

    Then I sketch - my favorite part of the horn jewelry design process because I just pour out all the ideas on paper. I think about all the materials and pieces I have and how I can use them to convey the concept, like lego pieces ready to be imagined and created. With several sketches, I'll nix out a few ideas and keep some of them. The jewelry designs I hone in on are the ones that I imagine she (and even myself) would love to wear -- the ones she would look and feel like a goddess or a queen in them.

    Sketching Bohemian Horn Jewelry Design
    Sketching a few ideas for Hathorway's Bohemian Bride Collection

    Select the jewelry pieces & parts

    With a jewelry design in mind, I start gathering all the pieces on my workstation - from the 16k gold plated beads, chains, earthy buffalo horn beads and more. With the buffalo horn beads, I take the time to go through them because they are all unique in color and textures. I sort out the horn beads that matches best as a set.

    Gather horn pieces and supplies for your jewelry design

    Selecting and sorting out buffalo horn beads for Hathorway's Bohemian Bride Collection

    Assemble it together

    In this step, I let my fingers and hands take over and do all the work from threading, hooking, crimping, measuring and cutting. And once in a while, I let my creative flow take over by experimenting and rebelling from my original sketch or ideas. 

    Designing bohemian horn jewelry for Hathorway's Bridal Collection

    Assembling the pieces together for the Hathorway's Bohemian Bride Collection

    Polish & Refine

    As I reach the finish line, I'll look closely at horn jewelry design and make sure everything is polished. I'll trim any uneven pieces, tighten the jump rings, fix any discrepancies. 

    Unique Jewelry for the Bohemian Bride

    Trimming the 16K gold plate chains 

    And voilà! New Boho Horn Earrings!

    And voilà, she's ready for her photoshoot to be posted in the shop and ready to wear for my lady in mind. 

    Unique Earrings for the Boho Bride

    Look out for this beautiful Bohemian Horn Chandelier Earrings in the shop soon. :)

    For me, the creative process for designing horn jewelry is all about experimenting and iterating multiple times until I’ve reach a design that makes me excited - a design that makes my eyes light up and spark. And then I imagine, the lady who is wearing it and how she is wearing it. When designing anything, always, always think about your persona, your customers, your users.

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    Radiate Beauty Inside and Out,

    Jessica Phan

    Jessica Phan

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