About Jessica Phan, Creative of Hathorway Horn Jewelry

Hi there! I'm Jessica Phan - the founder, designer, and maker of Hathorway Jewelry & Accessories. 

jessica-phanGrowing up, I lived with my single mother (a Vietnamese refugee) and older sister in San Francisco, California. While we didn't have much, my first toy was probably the pen and paper, and thus, my love affair for drawing and ideas began. I would always draw princesses and beautiful ladies in my dream dresses and outfits. I drew so much that I was awarded "Most Dramatic Artist" & "Most Cheerful" in elementary school. From then, I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer.

That dream started to fade as my mother did not think that career could support me. She wanted me to become a doctor or engineer. And so, I turned to what I thought might be the closest thing engineering (specifically computer engineering): graphic design. That was the beginning to my career as a designer. 

Over the years, I had the opportunity to design user experiences, create products, direct lifestyle photoshoots, and lead design teams for various companies like Balsam Hill, Treetopia, Samsung, SAP, Sequoia Capital, JCPenney and more. 

Today, I lead the design team at Zugata, a platform that helps people reach their potential at work. And by night, I'm building out Hathorway to bring me a step closer to my childhood dream of being a fashion designer through designing jewelry and accessories. As well, Hathorway allows me to build a brand that gives back and empower women. For every purchase, 10% is donated to an organization that empowers women.

In my spare time (if any), I enjoy exploring the world, makes cute things and reflect & write. A few of my pieces were featured on FastCo and The Next Web. Overall, I love making beautiful things and delightful experiences to share with the world. I hope you find something you like for yourself or your loved ones on Hathorway. Thank you for all your love & support; shop away!

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