What makes horn jewelry so unique?

At Hathorway Buffalo Horn Jewelry & Accessory, we use cow and buffalo horn for our primary material to make exquisite earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Using cow and buffalo horn as the primary material is beautiful for many reasons:

  • It is a natural material that is repurposed from food industry to reduce waste. #zerowaste
  • It is not made with any chemical. It uses heat and oil to turned these horn pieces into shapable plates. Once formed, the horn jewelry gets it shine through the process of water polishing -- no ethanol, no sealant, no primer. #nochemical
  • It is not created in an industrial process that is harmful to the environment. It's is a simple handmade process that does not cause pollution nor will create any hazardous waste.

Horn jewelry is simply an environmentally-friendly creation and process. However, this is not the only reason why I love horn jewelry. I love horn jewelry because of their exquisite colors and patterns.

Beautiful buffalo horn bracelets and earrings with exquisite colors
Sa Pa Minimal Genuine Buffalo Horn Bangle Bracelets, Moc Chau Chunky Buffalo Horn Stud Earrings, Hue 16K Gold Plated Rectangular Honey-Colored Buffalo Horn Earrings

Because these horns are from different cows and buffalos, the horns can come in various shades of milk, honey, caramel, chocolate, andlustrous charcoal -- all with different levels of lucency and different colors of white and honey flecks. 

Beautiful buffalo horn colors and patterns on jewelry
P.S. My husband got these mini cow horns from his trip to Tongli, China (a village known as "Venice of the East") so that I can use them as decor for Hathorway. But these are actually not decor. In many Asian cultures, there is a traditional medical treatment where the skin is scraped to produce light spots to stimulate blood flow called "Gua Sha" in Chinese and "cạo gió" in Vietnamese. And people in this little province of China uses these hollow cow horns to scrape the skin for this medical treatment. Talk about creatively using natural resources!

All the horn pieces carries a beautiful color, but what makes it really beautiful is that every horn jewelry is unique. Each horn jewelry are sisters in terms of their style; but will never look 100% identical in terms of its color and pattern variation due to its natural state.

creamy white horn for beautiful horn bangles and bracelets
Beautiful horn in milky-colored tones with vanilla flecks

high quality honey-colored horn for horn jewelry earrings bracelets
Honey-colored and semi-lucent horns with beautiful long white flecks -- almost like a stroke of a brush

Black and white horn colors with beautiful patterns for horn jewelry
Milk-colored horns that transition to lustrous charcoal color

Let's zoom in so you can get a closer look at how beautiful the patterns and colors of cow and buffalo horns are.

Beautiful closeup of the patterns and colors of cow horn for sustainable jewelry
Look at those white flecks!

So when you order one of our horn earrings, necklace, bracelets or bags, you are purchasing something truly special -- whether it's for yourself or a special person during Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Go ahead, start browsing our horn jewelry & accessories collectionOr you can read more about the other reasons why I love using horn as my primary material here: "Why Wear Buffalo Horn Jewelry". 

As always, if you have any other questions about our horn collection, please don't hesitate to shoot me over a message at jessica@hathorway.com

Radiate Beauty Inside and Out,

Jessica Phan

Jessica Phan

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